Fun Love Box Set
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Fun Love Box Set by Poppy Dunne


This delightful rom com package includes three fan favorite books by Poppy Dunne.

Extra Credit
Good teachers are not supposed to have such naughty thoughts about a single dad...

The first time I saw Will Munroe, I had him nailed.

A classic LA guy, handsome and rich and very impressed with himself over both. Not to mention the kind of stockbroker who Bluetooths his deals on the trail my dog and I like. Who does that?

Turns out, the father of my new favorite student. And since drooling is discouraged at parent/teacher conferences, I try not to look him in his steel-gray eyes. Which is how I noticed how hard his chest is under that button-down. And the conspicuous absence of a ring on his finger.

Basically, I have a crush on the one single dad who’s totally off-limits.

I really should have said no to that date. A delicious pancake breakfast isn’t worth my job if anyone finds out. An even more delicious romp in the hay is a little more worth it. So maybe just one more to double-check. Famous last words.

Because the only thing worse than banging a student’s dad is falling in love with him.

Room Service
All work and no play leaves a girl dateless for her brother's wedding...

Being a workaholic is great for business—but not so much for pleasure.

I've spent seven nights cooped up in this five-star hotel, sleeping on 1000 thread-count sheets and working sixteen hours a day. Where was I supposed to find a stray man?

At least room service is covered under my expense account. Which is how I come up with my brilliant idea—the guy bringing my food has a perfect body, easy smile, and a sense of humor that I’ve enjoyed all week.

In short, Ben Williams, Room Service, is now getting paid to be my fake boyfriend.

It’s a plan that cannot fail. He’s “dating” me, which makes my mom happy. He’s too sexy to be believed, which will hopefully piss off my ex. And with any luck, he’ll deliver me a very special package that will help relieve some of my work stress.

Falling for my fake boyfriend was nowhere on the menu.

Breaking Rules
They say rules are made to be broken, but it took a billionaire to tempt me...

I built a whole career on teaching women to follow the rules of dating.

That’s because they work, every time. My foolproof system relies on the three basics: playing just hard enough to get, letting the man make the first move, and never having sex on the first date.

Sure, it’s old-fashioned, but with my track record of success, no one complains for long. Until Jack Carraway. The sexy, frustrating, unpredictable billionaire is unlike any client I’ve ever coached into finding love. He’s not the one who doesn’t like the rules—suddenly, it’s me.

And now I’m the dating coach who’s banging her client.

It turns out breaking the rules is more addictive than cake. And when it comes to rule number three, maybe even yummier. After years of watching couples find love, it feels like it might just be my turn. But is this spontaneous playboy the real thing, or just a fun detour around my predictable life?

Because falling for someone who might not feel the same is the one thing that might break me.

The book was originally published under the title Dating the Billionaire.

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“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.” ― Annie Dillard, The Living

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