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Fresh Blood by Faith Everly

She's the descendant of an ancient vampire queen. They're the bloodsuckers destined to be her mates - IF they can convince her to claim the throne and save the world. **Now in its second edition!** When a hit-and-run leaves tough, orphaned Sophie bleeding out on the side of a wooded road, the quick actions of the vampires who've secretly protected her for years are the only reason she survives. Why go to all that trouble? She happens to be the descendant of the greatest Blood Queen to ever rule. And they need Sophie to take her rightful place on the throne. A legion of supernatural enemies would rather she refuse—and she agrees with them, since being turned to a vampire isn't exactly on her vision board. But a deliberate hit-and-run is child’s play compared to what she faces if she turns her back on her vampire protectors, no matter how they terrify her… … and attract her, which is a whole other dilemma. Can Sophie find a way out of this with her life and heart intact? Or will she give in to the dark, tempting forces drawing her ever closer to the throne and the vampire mates who could be her destiny?
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