Four Father’s Dates
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Four Father’s Dates by Mia Masters


They say two is better than one...
But what about three?

I'm a babysitter for three hot single dads.
All of whom want to date me.
And all of whom want me to be a part of their Father's Day.
Their rivalry over me causes friction between them,
Even though I'd rather have a different kind of friction between us.
I can't decide between them, so the game is on.
They'll each take me out on a date.
And the winner will have my presence for the holiday.
But what if I like all of them?
And if they each start to like each other?

Could we have a combined Father's Day...
And maybe by next year, another baby on the way?

Four Father's Dates is an MMFM bisexual reverse harem romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers; just a lot of steamy goodness and a happily ever after for all.

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