Four Bloody Kisses
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Four Bloody Kisses by AJ Wyatt


“He betrayed me."

That's all my father left me on a bloody note with four names. That note is my hit list. I will find out who killed my father.

And I will have revenge.

Each of these men is rich, powerful, and gorgeous.

Magnus may be a giant Viking, but he has the sensitive heart of an artist.

Tattoo covered, Bratva leader Yuri bleeds danger.

Chess master Talon is the polar opposite of his wild twin, Vice.

They make me burn with desire, but any one of them could have killed my father. How can I give in to temptation when I don't know the truth?

I'm not the only one hunting. When bullets start flying, it's up to me to keep my men safe. Until I have my answers, these men are mine and mine alone.

And if anyone's going to kill them, it will be me.

Author’s Note: This book contains four swoon-worthy alpha males, one kick ass heroine, cursing, steamy sex, plenty of action and dark suspense and lots of sass. If you like books where the heroine never has to choose just one, then this is for you.

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