Forewarned but Unheeded
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★★★★★ Excellent story. Lots of action, twists and turns. Characters portray a slew of different realistic emotions making them believable and loveable. I enjoyed this series immensely. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review - Gene


Ryan Mallardi's premonitions about his client Jean-Francois Lenoir come true. JF, as his family calls him, is the wealthy patriarch of an international tire conglomerate. Recently remarried to Tara, 30 years his junior, he seems deliriously happy. Why then would JF commit suicide only a few days before his 75th birthday party?

Ryan is hired by JF's son, Francois, to find out what really happened and to watch the police as Francois doesn't like what they are beginning to insinuate about him being the biggest inheritor. Ryan will take the case only if Francois agrees to a quest for truth no matter where it leads. After a few moments of hesitation, Francois agrees.

What is Francois' hesitation about? Is JF's death a suicide or a murder? Is it the cheating wife or her paramour? Or did JF's loving son choose to sacrifice his own father to protect the family empire? When there are billions of dollars at stake, the temptation of greed is high enough to tempt just about anyone.

Ryan investigates the case while staying clear of the local cops who are focusing on the very person Ryan doesn't want to be guilty. He is doing this all the while planning to get his girlfriend an engagement ring, which leads to shocking but important revelations in the case. Ryan's allegiance is with his deceased client JF and he will find the truth, even if it doesn't make the rich family happy.

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