Forever Love
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Forever Love by Deborah Armstrong


He Wants More …Can Davina Give It?
Davina Sturt's children and her cows are her life. She's a widow. She's a farmer, too. Blue jeans, cowboy boots and her pickup truck are more her style.
Davina is an author and someone whom others write about in magazines. Her novel Second Harvest has had the nation buzzing for the last two years. After signing a megawatt movie deal, she is headed to Hollywood for a meet and greet with the cast. As she settles into her executive class set, Davina's mouth drops. The silver screen's latest heartthrob is her seatmate.
Quinn Thomas is tired of the plastic starlets, his empty bed, and his lonely heart. He'd give up everything, including his career, for the love of woman, his woman. Three hours of in-flight dating and Quinn's in love.

• Can love at first sight happen?
• Can a mile-high romance lead to love?
• Can there be more?
Davina is older and wiser. She'd settle for a one-night stand, but Quinnwants more. She's not so sure. "You've had sex in your limo with other women, and now you want to add me to the list? I don't think so, stud."

Forever Love is a must-read for those who want sizzling heat with the added twist of suspense.

Forever Love is the first book in the Davina and Quinn series, joining Love’s Promises, Love’s Games, and Love’s

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