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Forbidden Power by Willa Hart


One deadly secret, three terrifying princes.

I have a secret and if the Mindslayers discover the truth, they will torture me and my sister to our deaths. Ever since our parents abandoned us in the slums--sold us body and soul--I’ve struggled to keep the truth concealed. If it weren’t for my best friend Jix and the forest outside the slum walls, I don’t know if I could survive.

But I have a temper.

So when the Roya Tripsett--the three princes of the Kingdom--threaten Jix, I can’t help standing up for my best friend. But now they know. The three most powerful--and sexiest--men in the kingdom know my secret. By rights, they could kill me, but when I look into their eyes, I’m not certain what they’ll do--capture me, kill me, or mate me.

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