Foolish Kiss
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Foolish Kiss by Rose B. Grace


Moving in with her ex fiancé. Finding a new job she actually loves in a small town. And living happily ever after with her supposed true love was her plan. Unfortunately, plans can change quickly.

Lisa soon discovers life is never as easy as it’s imagined especially when a handsome, successful, muscular, recent ex boyfriend of hers she was, “definitely over,” shows up in his private jet.

Still, Lisa wholeheartedly believes that her and her true love, Ryan, are meant to be. The stars have aligned, the intimacy between them is amazing, and their feelings for each other run deep.

And although the one mistake she makes may ruin all her future plans – she still finds a new career, a new friend, and has her best friends to fall back on for desperate needed help even though she now lives hundreds of miles away from them.

Lisa loves Ryan, but her “inexcusable blunder,” may ultimately change their lives together forever. And there’s no way she can keep what happened from Ryan for much longer – or can she? Only time will tell, but that's something she doesn't have much of.

Foolish Kiss is the second book in the starting over, sexy ex boyfriend Burning Embers series. If you like romantic rendezvous, close friendships, intense intimacy, forbidden secrets, life changing decisions, and handsome ex-boyfriends that somehow stay close even when miles apart, then you’ll love Rose B. Grace’s Burning Embers series book 2 which will whisk you away into a smoldering small town romance.

Buy Foolish Kiss today and find out how one mistake in the heat of the moment can change a person’s love life and future path forever.

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