Fooled & Enlightened
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Fooled & Enlightened by Bree Wolf


This fated-lovers regency romance featuring a haunted English lord and a determined Scottish lass penned by USA TODAY bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author Bree Wolf proves that true love never dies...but sometimes it does test you.

Scotland 1812: Returning to England after ten years, MAGGIE MACDRUMMOND finds herself confronted by a man of her past. Long ago, she lost her heart to her childhood friend, only to have it crushed upon the first test of devotion. While Maggie spent the summer in Scotland with her family, the man she loved married another…without a word. Without warning. Without any thought for how his decision would crush her.

 Ten years later, Maggie still cannot forget the man who'd once stolen her heart…and possesses it still. She is haunted by the moments they shared together, her heart foolishly longing for someone who treated it without care.
Determined to finally rid herself of his influence over her, Maggie travels to London to face him.

NATHAN PENHALE, EARL OF TOWNSEND, lives from day to day, from one distraction to another. His life holds no meaning, no depth, no substance. He is but a shadow of the man he's once been.

Until the day Nathan glimpses the woman with the fiery-red hair who captured his heart long ago at a ball. It takes no more than a look into her soulful blue eyes and his dead, shrivelled, dysfunctional heart once more begins to beat in his chest.

Shocked, Nathan can do little else but stand and stare at the ghost from his past, returned to torment him after ten years of agony. 
Nathan knows he ought to turn and leave, ignore her siren's call for it will only lead him to his doom. But his foolish heart urges him down a different path.

 And then her eyes meet his…

Read Fooled & Enlightened and fall in love with this heartwarming tale that will tug at your heartstrings and keep you up till the wee hours of the morning! Each love story in this series can be read as a stand-alone. However, most readers prefer to read them in order.

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