Following her Heart’s Compass
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Anita Jefferson has no choice but to marry for the sake of her struggling family. To her despair, when her reputation is suddenly called into question, her only escape is to become a mail-order bride, and she wonders if this was God's plan all along. Unfortunately, when she arrives in Kansas, Anita quickly discovers that she has been tricked and her hopes of marriage are dashed to pieces. Her future husband isn't even aware of her existence and he is still recovering from his traumas. Lost and confused in a new place, will she have a chance to find love or will her life be turned into a nightmare?

Will Murphy is still deeply damaged by the war and all the people he lost, including his own brother. The last thing on his mind is getting married, especially when so many of his comrades were robbed of that opportunity. After all, what he truly believes he needs is to rebuild his life at home while continuing his work as a doctor. As a consequence, when a bride arrives at his doorstep, Will refuses to accept that this could be the one thing that is missing from his life. To his utter surprise, though, he feels an immediate connection with Anita and opens up to her effortlessly about his life and fears. Can he really allow himself to love when his brother will never have that chance? How can he reconcile to the fact that he still has a life to live?

As Anita and Will get to know one another, they each start to ask themselves if there really could be something between them. When the rumors and the threats that Anita ran away from catch up to her, can Will choose grace over judgment? Will they manage to overcome the shadows of the past to enjoy the gift of the future?

"Following her Heart's Compass" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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