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Fly Bear by Scarlett Grove

Fly Bear, Rider Hendrix, is a decorated military pilot working with the Justice Squad. As dare devil and risk taker, Rider never thought he wanted a mate. Then a close call changes everything. He signs up on a shifter dating app and is instantly matched. Darcy Lane worked her way up from nothing to head chef at a top Denver restaurant. No matter how far she’s come, the insecurities of her past run deeper than her freckled skin. When Darcy is matched with Fly Bear, she doesn’t think a man as hunky and as handsome as him could ever love a curvy, frizzy haired, ugly duckling like her. When Rider is sent on an undercover mission to investigate hyena terrorists at the Denver Airport, it’s his chance to claim his fated mate. In the meantime, Darcy comes up with a plan to date Rider while never having to show her face. What could possibly go wrong? Can Rider keep his head in the game and protect the airport from a deadly threat while navigating the turbulence of Darcy’s wounded heart? And will Darcy ever come to understand that the beauty Rider wants to see is what shines so brightly from within?
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