Flirting with Thirty
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Flirting with Thirty by Raven Morris

She’d forgotten what it was like… Dana Jenkin’s job as author of erotic romance has her penning hot stories for the pleasure of others. But the forty-nine-year-old’s ugly divorce and busy life as the mother of teenagers means her real life isn’t anywhere near as steamy as the stories she writes. In a wine-fueled pity party, she sets up an online dating profile, never expecting the breath-stealing response from a hunky-but-much-younger man. He always had a thing for the babysitter… Scott Masters may be sixteen years Dana’s junior, but his hottest fantasies are fueled by the photo of the sexy woman old enough to have been his babysitter. He can’t resist sharing them with her in one-handed sexting that has them both panting for more. Dana writes fantasies. She doesn’t live them. But her fantasies might just be turning into reality now that she’s met the one man whose way with words might just rival her own.
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“Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.” ― G.K. Chesterton

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