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Five Day Fiancé by Mickey Miller

"Hot, sweet, funny, a little bit angsty but most of all, it's just a great story that will keep you enthralled." It started out as a joke. I needed a wedding date. Jocko Brewer at my office was the perfect candidate. Handsome. Rich. Slightly cocky. Great in bed. And now... my fiancé. The ring was his idea to get his mother off his back about 'getting serious with someone.' Flashing the enormous rock front of my ex in Cancún was a nice bonus. Jocko has his reasons for wanting this fake engagement, and I have mine. But I never imagined our time in the sun would be the best five days of my life. I definitely never thought I would fall for a man like Jocko, a player who has broken more hearts than I have pairs of shoes. But a deal's a deal, and five days in paradise is all we get. Now how do I stop myself from falling in love? Because this is only temporary. Turns out five days can change your whole world.
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