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First Love: The first book in “The Love of a Good Woman” Series If you just can’t resist the drama of a love triangle… If you need a romance about love and family… If you believe in second chances … You’ll love these sweet, provocative Christian romance novels, by Momi Robins. Paige is just a sweet girl; the girl next door from a small hometown on O’ahu, in Hawaii. Like all little girls, what she wanted was simple; she wanted to be loved and adored, happy and carefree. But at the ripe age of five, she already learned that life was nothing but, simple or carefree. While some girls dreamed of the beautiful wedding, the handsome and loving husband, the white-picket fence, two-point-five children, and God-ordained kind-of-love, Paige wanted nothing of the sort. Her parents’ abusive relationship was motivation to avoid love at all costs. She vowed that she wouldn’t become like her weak and submissive mother, who couldn’t stand up for herself. She vowed she’d never take the risk of loving a man like her abusive father, who touted apologies and empty promises. From the day Lance, the new boy, stepped foot into her middle school classroom, his adoration for Paige was evident, but to everyone else except her. No matter how many obvious cues he dispatched over the years, she remained steadfast against love and romance, laser focused on her professional goals, refusing to acknowledge his advances. When one of her parent’s many vicious fights leaves her mom, hospitalized, battered and bruised, Paige lets her guard down, allowing Jason’s opportune advance, leaving her life’s plans thwarted by one careless night on a white sandy beach, under a full moon. Paige is pushed on a path to a decade-long love triangle that causes her to doubt everything she’d ever believed. A traffic jam after a salon appointment to freeze fat cells from her thighs incites the reluctant trip down memory lane; inspiration to see her life through new lenses. Can Paige have a God-ordained kind-of-love? Is there such a thing? Find out!
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