Fireman Daddy
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Fireman Daddy by Taryn Quinn

I got my happily-ever-after…except it wasn’t. My HEA ended when my formerly star quarterback husband slept with—no, not our old head cheerleader. Someone else. Hello, this isn’t a Lifetime movie. So, I left New York City and went home to small town Crescent Cove. I’d inherited a bar that was apparently the watering hole for local firemen. Super hot firemen, namely one in particular. Okay, so maybe this is a Lifetime movie. Especially since the fire code chief—and my ex’s high school friend—keeps hassling me about getting the bar up to code, when all I want to do is get the place fixed up so I can go back to the city. Don’t I? But Jake is making me remember why I love my hometown. And it turns out he isn’t only good at preventing fires, he’s even better at starting them. And the one between us may just burn forever… Author’s note: Crescent Cove Bites are short stories with a happily-ever-after set in our small town of Crescent Cove! Jake isn’t a daddy yet, but if he has his way, he’ll be knocking up Erica faster than you can say five-alarm blaze.
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