Firefly Duet
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Firefly Duet by Becca Maxton


Firefly Duet is the second novel in the Mercy Mountain Series

Sofia Russo enjoys a charmed life with a loving family, a prosperous photography career and a bevy of good friends. That is, until life takes a crushing turn and then goes from sad to worse. Nearly killed during a violent crime, she nurses one man’s wounds while appearing to let a second man die. Overnight, Sofia is christened a Sexy Florence Nightingale by the press, sparking both praise and death threats on social media.

Ask anyone if Jim Mannis is a success in the years since he left his hometown of Ashnee Valley, Colorado and they’ll say yes. Three tours in Afghanistan. Three years as a NYPD officer. Three days since he rescued a woman during a bank robbery. Yet, none of these heroics matter to him now that he’s on the verge of leaving New York to fulfill a promise to his aging father. Come home son. I need your help to restore Mercy Mountain Lodge.

When authorities urge Sofia to temporarily leave the city under protection, she reluctantly agrees. In steps the cop that just saved her life. Less than twenty-four hours later as Jim heads home to Colorado, the beautiful and intriguing Sofia is by his side.
One endures the sharp edge of grief. The other bears the ache of timeworn loss. Can Jim and Sofia find resilience together and create a new beginning?

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“If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?” ― Jerry Seinfeld

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