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Fire Dragon’s Bride by Riley Storm

All Olivia Lawton needs to do is buy a property for a new client, and she’s on her way to the biggest payday of her life. It should be easy—after all, she’s the top real-estate agent in Plymouth Falls. But when the same gorgeous stranger that’s been flirting with her all night turns out to have bought it first, she decides it’s game on. Now, all she needs to do is find a way to convince him to sell… Aaric Drakon is the first dragon to be awakened after a century of deep sleep. Unsure why he’s chosen, he’s desperate to help awaken more of his kin. If he wants to do that, though, Aaric needs a mate. In an effort to find her, he sets himself a mission to open an Outreach Center for his family, in hopes of getting to know the new generation of humans he will protect, but also to find her. And he’s not going to be distracted by anyone, not even by a feisty real-estate agent who’ll try anything to buy his land. At first it’s nothing but a challenge for Olivia. She will have this property and the big payout coming her way. The only problem is, Olivia’s new partner is proving less than understanding in a terrifying way. When things escalate to a new level, her only hope is to go to Aaric and tell him everything. But it turns out she’s been swept up in a conflict centuries in the making, and that’s just what his enemies intended…
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