Finley’s Claim
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Finley’s Claim by Atlas Rose


They call me the Cosa Nostra Prince.
The first son of the most dangerous Salvatore Mafia family.
We run the crime. We take the money. We control the war.

So when our ‘launderer’ decides to run with one hundred million dollars of our money, you can bet we’ll hunt them down.

Only they’ve run to a place they think they’re safe.
A place that’s heavily guarded.
An island in the middle of nowhere.
Where the son of my family's enemy promises me a bloody and violent end. 

Only I don’t care about him…My sole focus is her.
Pretty, plain Annalise Eden. 
I’ll hunt her. I’ll corner her. I’ll claim her too.
She’s the one they secretly call ‘the Ghost’.
The woman who’s made my family millions.
Millions we want back…

Finley's Claim is a FULL LENGTH dark mafia romance standalone. This series can be read in any order but it is recommended to start with Finley's Claim.

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