Finding Holly
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Finding Holly by B. E. Baker


Home is where the heart ... was broken.

Paisley finds joy in simple things: snow cones, roller skates, smiling children. She doesn't have an ambitious bone in her body, but her friends don't mind. She cheers them on when they're up and supports them when they're down.

Everyone loves Paisley, and for good reason. She's always there when you need her.

But Paisley has a secret.

And none of her friends know anything about it.

When that secret calls her home, she must face all the things she has ignored. She needs her friends’ help, but asking for it will expose the truth she has been hiding. Her family owes a debt, and to her great dismay, the debtor is someone her friends dislike immensely. . . shrewd business mogul James Fulton.

Can Paisley confront the demons she left behind and repair the damage from her departure? Or will her mistake cost her family everything?

Publisher's Weekly said, "This is a story of growth and transformation. The plot is quite unusual. . .and the author puts a fun and fresh twist on the [princess as a commoner] trope."

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