Falling Hard

Falling Hard by Nichole Rose


He's a mystery she can't wait to solve.

Once upon a time, Adrian Kane was a football legend.
He now owns a small newspaper and writes romance novels.
He never leaves his little slice of paradise.
He's a mystery I'm dying to solve.
I'm an annoyance he'd rather forget.
Until I show up at his place during a fierce storm and fall right into his arms.
Now, my job isn't the only thing on the line.
My heart is too.

Stella Quinn is relentless in her quest to get me to talk.
She's also a curvy goddess I can't get off my mind.
She wants to share my sad story with the world.
I'd rather forget it ever happened.
Before she turned up on my doorstep, I thought I wanted her to leave.
Now I have to convince her to stay.
My past didn't kill me, but losing her will.
And in a town like Spring, Florida, there's always another man waiting to step in.
They can't have this one. She's mine.

If you enjoy over-the-top growly men, feisty heroines, and sugary-sweet romance, you'll love Adrian and Stella's sweet and steamy story!

This small town is paradise. Beautiful beaches, year-round warm weather, and friendly neighbors. There’s only one thing missing—single ladies. It’s Raining Men in Spring, Florida and the lonely residents are hungry to find their soulmates.

During the month of April, some of your favorite instalove authors are bringing you stories set in this fictional town where the men significantly outnumber the ladies. Come meet us in Spring to find your next book boyfriend.

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