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She was just a job. Until she wasn’t … Private Investigator Giordano Biagi has gotten his first real field assignment. Despite his lack of experience, he knows that in order to succeed it's essential to maintain the line between business and pleasure. He's more than confident it won't be a problem for him, either. Not until he meets her—the fiery, entirely too intriguing woman he’s been hired to investigate. Suddenly he’s having trouble remembering exactly where the line is, and why crossing it would be a bad idea … Ruby Terryson is pretty sure she’s dated every liar in the state. Her abysmal luck with men did teach her at least one valuable lesson, though—to always lead with her head and protect her heart. So when Giordano walks into her tattoo salon, to say her guards are up would be an understatement. But the more time she spends with him, the more she starts to wonder if maybe—just maybe—it’s time to take down the walls around her heart once and for all. Their entire relationship is built on a lie. There’s no way they can find a happily ever after together once Ruby’s learns the truth … is there?
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