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Falcon by Bex Dan

The battle royale that ends with a big climax. Aida I want Falcon to make me moan. Yes, I know he's a cold-hearted killer who cares about no one but himself and he's holding me hostage, forcing me to admit my life is a lie, before he gives me what I want. He'll ruthlessly tease me till I beg but always stops before I tumble over the edge. But Falcon underestimates the woman I've become. He still thinks of me as the lost child he rescued years ago. I'm all grown up now and I have my own weapons to use in our war. Falcon Aida's testing all my limits. Playing bodyguard to an opera diva is not my kind of mission. I'd rather be out systematically dismantling my father's drug cartel. But Aida's being targeted by a sophisticated enemy and she needs me to keep her safe. Oh, I'll make her moan. No doubt. Rest assured, she'll give me her secrets first. She may bring me to my knees, but I never lose. Falcon is a standalone novel in the Men of Siege series. If you like opposites-attract, second-chance romance, you'll love Falcon.