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Exodus by Kate McGinn

A woman who has lost everything she loved. A dangerous secret that someone will do whatever is necessary to keep buried. The ER staff called Clare Thibodeaux the “Ice Lady”. No one knew the reason why she wouldn’t let anyone get close to her. On one hectic night, the victim of a vicious attack is brought in by ambulance. When she discovers the patient is a friend from her past life, she is devastated. It was the first of a violent series of events, and the only connection between all of them is Clare. Fearing for her life, she leaves as a hurricane spirals off the coast, but Clare’s storm is only beginning. Fleeing to the Apostle Islands in northern Wisconsin, she goes into hiding with the help of family friends. Two men vie for her affection -- a passionate FBI agent and a Navy SEAL with a questionable past -- and Clare must decide who she can trust with her heart and with her life. If you are a fan of action-packed stories with plenty of danger and romantic intrigue, you’ll love Exodus. Readers’ comments describe Exodus as “hard to put down”, “a page turner”, and as a story with “excitement in each chapter”.
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