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Excuse Me, First Love by Danielle Burton

Not everyone is lucky enough to meet the love of their life in middle school. For Gabrielle Tanner that wasn’t the case. Jayson Adams was always the one and even after being separated for three years, that hasn’t changed. Freshman year of college she returns to her home town determined to have his heart. There’s only one little problem, he has no idea how she feels. And telling him isn’t exactly easy with his devil of a girlfriend glued to his side. When Gabrielle’s family moved away, Jayson thought he’d never see his best friend again. Losing her was probably the worst pain he’s had to endure, almost. Only one thing could top that; losing her again. Now that she’s back in his life, he’ll do anything to keep her there, even if it means denying his heart what it really wants. His girlfriend, however, may have other plans. College is supposed to be the time of their lives, and neither is prepared for the painful decisions they may have to face.