Every Tear You Cry
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Every Tear You Cry by J.E. Parker


Can he fix all of my broken pieces?

As an unloved little girl growing up in foster care, all I ever wanted was my very own Prince Charming. Unfortunately for me, at eighteen life gave me a monster instead. Thankfully, though, after years of living in Hell, my sons and I finally escaped his violent clutches.

Now, for the first time since my boys were born, we're safe.

Convinced that I deserve my very own happily ever after, my well-meaning friends beg me to give love a second chance. I only have one thing to say to that: not in this lifetime.

As far as I'm concerned, men don't exist.

But when Brantley and his beautiful daughter burst into our lives, everything changes. I try to fight my feelings, but it's pointless. Before I know what's happening, I'm falling in love with both of them.

The problem is, my dark past still has an iron-clad hold on me.
Will Brantley's unwavering love conquer my demons?
Or will my past prove too much for me to overcome?

Every Tear You Cry is part of an interconnected series.
However, it can be read as a complete standalone.

Books in the contemporary fiction genre are composed of stories that may happen to real people in actual settings. The novels don't fall under other genres or categories. They often happen in precisely the same period that the reader is living (the present), with things that are now, or might be occurring, precisely the same period. The contemporary genre also contains conversational and casual dialogue and sometimes even regional dialects. Contemporary fiction novels will provide you a lot of choices to grow your life reading list. Writers, generally speaking, search for what's trending in their own time for their literary work since it lets them illuminate the weakness or strength of the society.

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