Everett Battle

Everett Battle by James Leonard


A Historical Western Adventure book by James Leonard

Everett Battle wants a new life. Russell Pyle just wants him dead.
When Everett arrives in Hays City, Kansas, he steps into the center of an ongoing feud and becomes its latest target.
Pyle wants what isn’t his, starting with the land and cattle from the Manus ranch. But the Manus brothers aren’t ready to give up without a fight. They just need a little help going from rancher to gunman.

When Everett offers to help them, he inadvertently ups the stakes, turning the battle into a war. Unfortunately, all wars have victims.
Now the entire Manus family is in danger, including Linda. She’s beautiful and kind, the sort of person Pyle and his men think they can control.
Everett won’t let that happen. Determined to save her and the Manus family, Everett launches into a fight where he’s outnumbered and outgunned but not outwitted.

Time is ticking, and he has to move fast if he wants to see Linda alive again.
Can Everett save everything he holds dear before Pyle rips it all away for good?
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