Ever Since
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Ever Since by Violet Theron

A Curvy Lady Second Chance Romance. I am the biggest loser in the world. My underwear are scattered all over the sidewalk like a rainbow, while my dignity is nonexistent. With no job, no money, and no boyfriend, how do I start over? Of course, it is at this moment that he waltzes back into my life, looking more perfect and desirable than ever. The love of my teenage years. If only I can find a hole to crawl into. But to my surprise, he pursues me. He has never forgotten me. How is this possible? He draws me in with his strong arms and smoldering eyes. My heart melts for him and maybe, just maybe, I can start all over again. This is a second chance at love, happily ever after safe romance about a gorgeous hunk and his sweet curvy lady.
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In simple words, Books that are set during a holiday season or celebrate something about a particular holiday comes under the Holiday genre. These types of books are purely based on the occasion; for example, books that show about some special days or festivals fall under the holiday category. But the question is, why you need to read this? The simple answer to this question is, it helps you to see how people spend their special day and how they feel about that day. These kinds of books give you positivity toward your loved ones as most books are written on Christmas. 

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