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Escape with a Scoundrel by Shelly Thacker

When she awoke this morning, she certainly never expected to end the day in bed with a man... Samantha Delafield is an aristocratic lady turned devious thief. Nicholas Brogan is an ex-pirate with years of sin branded on his soul. Captured by His Majesty's marshals, the two are on their way to the gallows until they stage a daring escape and run for their lives--shackled together by an iron chain that quickly proves unbreakable. Lost in a remote forest in Staffordshire, the pair of outlaws are forced to work together to survive and quickly find themselves locked in a battle of fierce wills...and fiery passions. * * * If you love protective alpha male heroes, edge-of-your-seat adventure, and scorching love scenes, discover why readers are raving about Shelly Thacker's Escape with a Scoundrel series! The Escape with a Scoundrel Series These sexy bad boys are on the wrong side of the law--and willing to break all the rules to protect the women they love. Each book is a stand-alone steamy historical romance: Book 1: ESCAPE WITH A SCOUNDREL (Nicholas and Samantha) Book 2: HER SCOUNDREL EARL (Marcus and Elizabeth) Book 3: ONE NIGHT WITH A SCOUNDREL (Saxon and Ashiana) Book 4: A SCOUNDREL'S KISS (Max and Marie)