Engaged to Her Neighbor
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Engaged to Her Neighbor by Toni Denise


He didn't want neighbors and she just wanted a fresh start.

Macy is starting over in a new town with her little brother to take care of. She settled on a small town where no one knows their past and they can be themselves without the shadow their father casts over them.

Daniel agreed to rent his property, but it was supposed to be simple instead, a kid and a dog interrupt his life from day one. Annoyed by the disturbance, he pushes them away until the day he really needs them.

When Daniel gets injured and Macy comes to the rescue, feelings get in the way. Macy agrees to help Daniel until he's recovered but never could have predicted that the arrival of Daniel's ex-fiance would lead to a fake engagement for herself.

Sparks fly when the town gets involved in the fake wedding and Macy and Daniel have to decide what they really want from each other. How far will they take this fake engagement? Can it become real?

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