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Ever since her mother's sudden death, Elvira Wamsley has been through a very difficult and hurtful relationship with her father. One eventful night will determine her whole life when her father will make a disastrous mistake driven by his sorrow. Thrust into a marriage of convenience, Elvira finds herself saying yes before the groom is even properly introduced. Will she manage to escape her unfair fate? Escaping the trap her closest people have set for her may prove to be much more challenging than she expected... Ethan Riken is a lonely but hard-working rancher, hiding a dark secret that has stigmatized him deeply. Adamant about his privacy and not eager to open his heart to anyone, the last thing he wants is some damsel in distress. Now he is tangled in a bizarre story, with no way out. How will his emotions for Elvira affect his life, when his only chance to open his heart and overcome his past stands right in front of him? Elvira and Ethan have failed to communicate their needs and backgrounds and their distance seems unbridgeable. Both of them have created a distorted image of one another that can only lead to disappointment. Caught in a web of secrets and lies, can they come to terms with their unlikely wedding? Hostile forces scheme against their happiness... but will they eventually make it?