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How far will a man go to avenge his family? Seventeen-year-old Elam Eskers is traveling with his family through the Oregon Trail in search of a better life – a life that he never has the chance to live after his parents and siblings are all brutally murdered by Black Horse. Indian outlaw Black Horse is thirsty for money and blood. He spreads terror in Nebraska, where he and his men rule over the locals of several small towns under the threat of death and demise. Elam swears revenge. Through fights with outlaws who protect Black Horse, and simple men and women who are too afraid to give him any information, Elam persists. That is, until he stumbles upon a young girl in the woods, orphaned by a gang of thugs who killed her parents in front of her. Jeannie O’Pelt is out for revenge as well, and she needs Elam’s help – as much as Elam needs hers. How far can Elam and Jeannie go to stop Black Horse and his gang?