Eight Long Years

Eight Long Years by Ajme Williams


April and I have been torn apart for eight years. 

I didn’t think she’d leave me after I joined the military. 

But her letter shredded me into pieces. 

She’d clearly told me that we weren’t meant to be. 

That everything we felt for each other was meaningless. 

I didn’t believe her. 

And I shouldn’t have.

There was something else at play.

April is my best friend’s little sister and he’s overprotective of her. 

There’s still time to find out the truth. 

Because I’m returning home. 

And April is no longer just my ex girlfriend.

She’s also my employee. 

My forbidden, tempting, and gorgeous employee. 

And she’s hiding a secret. 

A huge secret that I should’ve known about years ago. 

I don’t think I could forgive her for keeping it from me. 

But first… I have to find out what kept us apart. 

And how I can make her mine forever.

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