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EDWARD by Shayne Ford

It all starts with an innocent game in the chatroom. Show me a picture of yours and ask me a personal question, and I'll show you a photo of mine and get to ask you a question. It all goes well until... Well... the pictures get racier and racier, and the players hotter and hotter for each other. What happens next takes everybody by surprise. A young, handsome, billionaire who doesn't believe in love, Edward Preston feels jaded when his two best friends settle down with the women they love. To escape the reality of his new life, he buries himself in work and pleasure. He spends his days at the helm of a multi-billion corporation and his nights in the company of beautiful women. James and Lex warn him that he'll go down and fall hard when he least expects it, most likely for someone who will take him by surprise. Convinced he's seen it all, he says he knows every trick in the book, and no woman can change his mind. It all holds until he unsuspectingly stumbles upon her. A blasting storm wrapped in an unpredictable nature, Thea Porter is filled with contradictions, shifting through personalities like a magician. She has no idea how to seduce a man, nor does she plan to, and yet she gives her best shot. A delicious billionaire romance with an emotional story woven through that will wrap up in a beautiful finale. +This is the first book of Ed's Story. *Although Ed's Story can be read as a standalone, the stories of the other two Kings unfold in the same world and are part of the backstory. Since James and Lex's stories take place before Edward's, spoilers of the other Kings'' stories may be present in Ed's books. Reading the entire series is highly recommended. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Larger than life, the men of the Night of the Kings Saga have swoon-worthy stories that span over 18+ books. Their stories respect a timeline, and therefore should be read in order for the best reading experience. Currently, there are four stories within the Night of the Kings Saga, more to come in the future. HEA at the end of each story.
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