Earth Dragon’s Baby
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Earth Dragon’s Baby by Scarlett Grove


Will their fated love prove strong enough to end an ancient war?

Agricultural analyst Cora Brighton has worked hard to help reconstruct Earth after the Mulgor invasion decades ago. But now, facing another lonely Christmas, she realizes life has passed her by and signs up for the Draconian Mating Lottery.

Magmus Murcul, Earth Prince of Galaton, is weary of fighting his own men who are frustrated at being shut out of the mating lottery. Now, he finally has a mate after long years of waiting -- but the Mulgor infestation makes the journey unsafe for Cora, so he must journey into space to find her, leaving his Earth Lands unprotected.

With the powerful Galatonian armada at his side, Magmus travels to the stars to find his bride and fight back the Mulgor threat. When he finally meets her, their bond is unmistakable, and their shared passion could heat the bitter cold of space.

But claiming his mate is not enough -- the Mulgor must be stopped. Can Magmus and Cora finally take down the Draconian's ancient enemy and put an end to the war? And if they do, will they have a home to return to when it's done?

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