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E.R.A by Rebecca Morman

HayleAnna is just a small town Oklahoma girl and is the only daughter of Seraphina and Taven Mayall. She has been training her whole life to join E.R.A since it is the closest thing to a military that America has left. After a complete government fall in the year 2040, there are no laws, no rules and they only people trying to stop all of the rogue groups from taking over and making America a dictatorship, is the E.R.A. HayleAnna tries to juggle getting recruited, dealing with losing the only person she has left in her life, and not getting kicked from the program for falling head over heels in love with her hand to hand combat instructor, Jasper Moore. She knows that the consequences are great but she thinks that the rewards just might be worth the risk.
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The military is a genre of fiction focusing on military actions, such as warfare, conflicts, battle, fighting, or army life. For example, the military genre can include an autobiography of a member of army personnel who did amazing things or decided that changed the tide of a war utilizing the new or radical military plan. Another autobiographical example maybe a president or other leader (based upon the country) who had been involved in political relations which started or finished a war with something of a military foundation or plan. The military genre may also have novels about weaponry or equipment.

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