Dupree’s Rebirth
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Dupree’s Rebirth by Micheal Maxwell


Sometimes life’s greatest mystery is finding yourself
Adam Dupree is at a literal crossroad of life. Dupree’s life has become a living hell and it’s time to make a change. Turn right and end it. Or, turn left, break free, and see where life takes him.

That one decision sends Dupree on an epic journey of rediscovery as he attempts to understand the mystery inside himself. Moving down a literal and figurative highway, his life attains meaning by defending the weak, protecting the poor and standing up for what is right in an unjust world.

As he re-discovers the thrill of being alive, Dupree becomes a hero, victim, and healer. But above all, he becomes a man with a purpose in life.

From deep Southern California, up the Great Central Valley, through Oregon and into Washington. Along the way, Dupree meets a cross-section of America. Some good, some bad, some givers and some takers.

Part JOHN STEINBECK, part WILLIAM FAULKNER, part MARK TWAIN, but all Micheal Maxwell.

“I love this author. His characters are so real. The story was interesting and easy to follow. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the next book!” - brownsfan50

“Dupree is an awesome character. At first, I didn’t like him very much but as he was “reborn” he became the kind of person you can admire. Great story from beginning to end.” - C. Pilgrim

“I loved the Cole Sage books, but this is a grand slam!!! I couldn't put it down!! Can't wait for #2!!” - Amazon Reviewer

“Michael Maxwell has given us another exciting batch of lively characters, well-rounded and defined by his skillful mastery of the written word. You can love them, hate them, or feel anything in between—but the one thing that you cannot do is not be involved; and that is the best recommendation for a book. In other words, this is a book you can get totally immersed in. I love it!” - Abby L

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