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Drive Me Crazy by Marquita Valentine

This best friend’s older brother romance is sure to get your heart pounding! Carter Ambrose’s last race put him in the hospital. The premature end of his racing career has sent him back home for a much-needed break so that he can get his newest venture going… until his litter sister’s best friend enters the picture. Melanie Smith has been in love with her best friend’s older brother for as long as she can remember. What better way to show him exactly how she feels than to become indispensable to him at his new startup. All’s going to plan until Carter’s gorgeous, well-connected ex-fiancé decides that she’ll do anything to get him back, including enlisting the help of his mother. Will Carter pick the hometown girl next door, or the woman who could revive his career? Holland Springs Series: Drive Me Crazy Twice Tempted Third TIme's the Charm His Christmas Wish Just Desserts Not Over You Be Me
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