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From Best-Selling Author Khloe Summers comes the ultra-swoon-worthy series: ‘Big, Sexy, Alpha’s of Wildwood County’. These Alpha’s are big, strong, protective, and ready to give all their love to the right woman. Settle in and enjoy the sexy men of Wildwood County! CAN ONE DAY CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE? Alice Wildwood County is where I keep my roots. Right now though, I’m in Denver, trying to make sense of every shitty decision I’ve ever made. Dirtbag boyfriend… check Bad career choice… check Desperate for a new start… yes please! When my sister suggests I come back to the country, I’m hesitant, there’s nothing out there but wide-open spaces. But when I meet Drake Matthews, everything changes. He’s so sweet with his kids, he works hard, he’s insanely gorgeous, and when he looks at me with his dark, possessive eyes — a fire ignites that I can’t put out. I left Wildwood County, but Wildwood isn’t quite done with me yet. Drake When my wife runs off and leaves me with the kids, all I can do is keep my head down and work hard. Life doesn’t slow down for speed bumps, and either do I. But as hard as I try, daily life is bottoming out and I need a reprieve. When Alice Blaze walks into my life with that sweet smile, and all those curves, she’s the breath of fresh air I’ve been looking for. Suddenly, I’m wondering if all those poets were right about love at first sight and second chances. Wildwood County has always been my home, and I’ll do what it takes to have Alice beside me.