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Dragon Tides by Rinelle Grey

They shared everything. Or so she thought … Damrian has a secret. A big one. Sure, his family looks normal enough—just your average humans running a tropical island resort. But really, they’re dragon shifters. Damrian has spent his life guarding his family’s secrets—and almost that long guarding his heart. Too bad all it takes is a visit from one woman—his childhood friend and first love—to put both in danger … Zara never wanted to leave Damrian. But stagnating in one place just wasn’t in the cards for her, so she left home and never looked back. Well, she didn’t look back much. And now that she’s on the island for work, she can’t afford to lose focus … even though being near Damrian again rekindles all the old feelings she’s worked so hard to bury. But everything is not as it seems on Dragon Island, and it’s not long before Zara’s work threatens to burn down Damrian’s whole world. Between all the secrets and lies, can Damrian and Zara overcome all that stands between them and take their second chance at love? Or is the cost of trust more than they’re willing to pay? Dragon Tides is a heartwarming, friends to lovers, paranormal romance about two best friends learning to trust again. If you ever dreamed of visiting a tropical island resort and finding a HEA with a loyal and loving dragon shifter prince, then you'll love joining Rinelle Grey's growing clan of satisfied readers. Buy Dragon Tides and to enjoy some sun, sand, and romance and meet your devoted dragon shifter mate today.
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