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My new patient is a liar.
Good thing I don’t mind working for the truth.

Erica Molloy was in a car accident. She walked away without a scratch, but her mother ended up in a coma.

When I overhear a couple thugs threaten to hurt her, I know there’s a lot more to this story.

Nobody messes with my patients. Especially not when they’re gorgeous, spit-fire pissed off, and more than a handful.

So I do what any reasonable doctor would do in my position: I offer to marry her.

Just for pretend, of course. We’ll fake it for a while until the bad guys go away.

Simple enough, at least until that first kiss when I realize this fake-wedding thing is way more than that.

Now I’ve got a wife and a whole host of new problems, but I’m a doctor—I’m used to high pressure situations.

I’ll keep her safe. Make sure she’s taken care of.

And I’ll turn this fake marriage into our happily-ever-after.

There’s nothing better than a steamy, over-the-top doctor romance! Dr. Fake It is the start of a new series of standalones centered around Mercy General. There’s no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a

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