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Dr. Bully and The Secret Baby by Larissa de Silva

How to Ruin a Life, Part I: Get drunk. Hook up with a gorgeous co-ed. Have an unforgettable night. Try to forget it anyway... ...until Astrid Andrews' pregnancy test comes back positive. And suddenly, her prospects for finishing college aren't looking too good. How to Ruin a Life, Part II: Don't tell the father. Have a beautiful daughter. And let the father's overprotective, overly wealthy mother step in with an offer Astrid can't refuse: Walk away. Have her child, have her business, never bother the father again...and neither Astrid nor her daughter will ever want for anything again. It's too good to pass up. Even when Astrid can't forget that one steamy night, and the man who shook her world in ways that had nothing to do with the liquor. How to Ruin a Life, Part III: Find out Dr. Wes Anderson is back. All grown up. And with no idea that the nine-year-old girl clinging to Astrid's leg is his. Nearly a decade ago, Astrid made a deal. She honors her promises. But there's something distinctly dishonorable about the way Wes makes her feel--especially when he makes it clear he wants her back, and he's not taking no for an answer. Astrid knows she should stay away. If she doesn't, she could lose everything--her business, the future she wants for her daughter. But her baby needs a father. And her body needs Wes's touch. He's forceful. Commanding. Taking control of her senses, until she's making all the wrong decisions in all the right ways. He's an absolute menace. It's no wonder she thinks of him as Dr. Bully. But what will happen to her future, if she tells her doctor about his secret baby? Dr. Bully And The Secret Baby is a full-length standalone novel in The Heart Lines series, which can be read in any order. With a gorgeous HEA ending and no cheating, you'll fall in love with this 18+ only story!
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