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She’s his dream, she’s his danger. Summer Rideau, a beautiful but troubled young lawyer, is not the kind of girl to fall in love and settle down. But reeling from a series of traumatising events, Summer finds comfort in a convicted criminal, Bobby Swinburne, whose twisted ideas of intimacy fulfil her penchant for pain. As their violent marriage grows out of hand, Summer desperately fights and escapes. But finding a handsome, soft-hearted single father living next door to her hiding place turns Summer's plans upside down. The extraordinary bond she finds with Joseph ‘Scipio’ Russo soon becomes an unimaginable, once-in-a-lifetime romance. When Bobby hunts her down, Summer is faced with a choice: leave Scipio and deal with her murderous ex alone, or stay and protect the love of her life, whatever the cost. Don’t Leave Me Breathless is the first novel in the riveting Summer-Scipio Trilogy. It's a tale of dangerous love like nothing you've read. You will find the story sizzling in its own way, but at times this psychological romance will also chill you to the bone. Read Don’t Leave Me Breathless today, and follow a flawed heroine as she becomes a fierce defender of her one true love.