Don’t Date Your Brother’s Best Friend
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A lifelong crush revealed. Will he make her dreams come true or shatter her heart? Ella Strong has compared every man to the irresistible Trey Nelson from middle school on up. When Trey comes home to visit his best friend and her brother, he not only notices her but pursues her … hard. Is this only a whirlwind romance on his way to something better or can she trust the love she sees in his blue eyes? Trey Nelson has explored the world, enjoying each experience but never finding the right one to settle down with. When he sees his childhood friend he feels like he’s been smacked in the head by a two-by-four. He falls hard and fast but gaining her trust, and her brother’s blessing, are going to be a different story. Strong Family Romance Novels: 1. Don’t Date Your Brother’s Best Friend 2. Her Loyal Protector 3. Don’t Fall for a Fugitive 4. Don’t Ditch a Detective 5. Don't Miss the Moment 6. Don't Love an Army Ranger 7. Don't Abandon the Superstar Don't miss her latest bestselling series, The Steele Family Romances. Her Dream Date Boss The Stranded Patriot The Committed Warrior Extreme Devotion Try out Cami's newest clean romance series: The Jewel Family: Do Marry Your Billionaire Boss Do Trust Your Special Ops Bodyguard Do Date Your Handsome Rival Do Rely on Your Protector Do Kiss the Superstar
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“Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.” ― Jane Smiley

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