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Doctor Steamy by Kristen Kelly

I don’t believe in love at first sight. Why would I? I’m a doctor. I base most of the decisions I make on clear scientifically proven facts. And I’m smart. Too smart to fall for the drop-dead-gorgeous Sweetheart that just happens to be in a bar I walk into. But then tachycardia kicks in. My palms get all sweaty. I’m frozen to the very spot where I am standing. Shit, what’s wrong with me? Is it a heart attack? My lungs working properly? Because I’m not the sort of man who falls for pretty faces. Not anymore. So why is she looking at me like she feels it too? Dive into Book 3 of the Man in Uniform Series. The story of Doctor Steven Russo--he's given up on love--and Mattie Goldwater--she never will, and see what obstacles they face as they find their happily ever after. Then read the other books in the series. Book 1, Pikeman is about a hot fireman with a secret and Book 2, His To Protect will have you drooling over the hot Irish policeman. All books are standalones with HEAs.
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