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Do Marry Your Billionaire Boss by Cami Checketts

A reclusive billionaire; a feisty woman who unmasks celebrities. Can they learn to love or will she forever damage his trust? Jade Jardine has been anxious to meet Joshua Jewel and see if the celebrity who hides his face from the world is incredible or insane. When someone claims she embezzled from Joshua's company will she find a hero and man she's been hoping for, or a wealthy jerk who only cares about his bottom line? Find out in this fast-paced and tender romance. Jewel Family Romances: #1 – Do Marry Your Billionaire Boss #2 – Do Trust Your Special Ops Bodyguard #3 – Do Date Your Handsome Rival #4 - Do Rely on Your Protector #5 - Do Kiss the Superstar #6 – Do Tease the Charming Billionaire #7 – Do Claim the Tempting Athlete #8 - Do Depend on Your Keeper
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