Discovering the Doctor
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Discovering the Doctor by Calle J. Brookes

Safety is more than just elusive... It doesn't exist. Pip Tyler is safe at her family's ranch, tending her horses, helping raise her younger brothers--and healing from an attack from when she'd been a teenager. Her self-imposed isolation ends when her older sister marries the sheriff of Masterson County. Now she has to make room in her life for her brother-in-law--and his three brothers. Bigger, stronger, larger-than-life, the Masterson brothers have her quaking in her boots every time they get near. Pip doesn't know how much longer she can hide. He sees more than she knows... Dr. Matt Masterson spends his days building the only veterinary practice in Masterson County--and his nights wondering how to break through Pip's fears. How to get close to the woman he can't forget. He's not the only one who wants her... Matt isn't the only one who wants Pip Tyler. Someone from her past will stop at nothing to have the woman he's always his future. The only thing standing in his way is the one man Pip knows she can trust...
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