Dirty Irish
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Dirty Irish by Mia Clark


I just want to be naughty for one night of my life.
I think I’d be really good at it...

I need to escape.
I’m a bad girl trapped in a good girl’s body.
Perfect grades, star volleyball player, lead in the drama club.
I know it’ll lead to a great career.
But I need more.

Just one night.
In Ireland.
On St. Patrick’s Day.
Thousands of miles away from anyone who knows me.

That’s how I met Dare Mackenzie.
With fire in his emerald eyes, sinful promises on his lips.
And an accent as intoxicating as the darkest stout.
He keeps saying I’m too sweet, too innocent, too good.

dare you, Dare Mackenzie.
Just try and call me sweet and innocent again!

Tasting, maybe.

Good girls like that don’t do what I’m about to do...

After tonight you’ll want to swim the Atlantic for another taste.
It’s not like it matters. We’ll never see each other again...


From USA Today Bestselling author Mia Clark ~ one weekend in Ireland, two accidental lovers, a day full of life and laughter, and a night with a wild Irish bad boy and a passionate good girl gone naughty? Um, yes, please! Dirty Irish, a laugh out loud full-length romantic comedy novel.

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