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Devil You Know by Max Henry

I should never have jumped that fence, and I most definitely should never have kissed her. Living on the streets, I made some hard decisions to stay alive. I signed a contract with the devil, and because of that, I choose to live alone. But after listening to my neighbors fight every night for years, it’s finally gotten to me. Now I’ve gone and done it - I’ve broken my only rule—never get involved. I want to save the beautiful woman next door with the sad eyes from his abuse. I want to take her away from all of this, but what do I have to offer when my hands are stained with the sins I’ve committed? How can I offer a broken woman peace and safety when those two things don’t exist in my world? SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT DEVIL YOU KNOW: “It was dark and gritty and I just couldn't help but be addicted to each page, desperate to find out everything as quick as possible.” – Louise, Seraphim Reviews “When it comes to real subjects that we all deal with every day I don’t want it to be sugar coated – I want to be able to feel what the character is feeling and Henry does that without flaw….” – Michelle Slagan “A gripping, intense story that will take you on an emotional ride of self discovery and finding true happiness in the strangest of places.” – Bel Burgess