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Detective Bear by Scarlett Grove

She's destined to be his ... if he can keep her alive. Underground ... Gauge Stockwell is a detective working to infiltrate a drug ring. He’s eager to find his mate, and has just gotten a match on the human-shifter mating website started by one of the shifters on Fate Mountain. But before he can meet her, he gains access to the criminal gang and has to go undercover. Under lock and key ... Lola Lockheart is a prisoner inside the gang’s compound, held there by her stepbrother Justin, the leader of the drug ring. She used a secret phone to register on the mating website, but when she gets a match, the man’s profile is mysteriously blank. Even his name is redacted. Under fire As soon as Gauge sees Lola, he knows she’s his mate -- but the slightest hint from him will get them both killed. It’s clear from how the gang treats her that she’s not there willingly. Can Gauge and the rest of the Bear Patrol free Lola and shut down the drug ring? And even if they can, will a woman who’s spent years as a captive trust the stranger who yearns to claim her for his own?
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