Desired by the Killer
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Desired by the Killer by Lisa Lovell


Farrell Blackmore.
*Six feet tall, dark, dangerous, and ruggedly handsome.
*Single dad.
*My kidnapper.
He’s no Prince Charming.
He’s a monster who will have me killed in the end.
He stole my freedom and locked me in a cage.
I despise him for everything he’s done,
But that doesn’t stop me from craving his touch.
Submitting to his darkness fulfills my deepest desires.
And when he punishes me for disobeying him,
I find myself longing for more.

Welcome to the world of Perfect Monsters! Get ready for some burning steam, looming darkness, and possessive mafia action! Farrell and Kayla’s story is probably the most gut-wrenching I’ve written to date. Watch them get caught up in a whirlwind of romance, lust, and hope while their entire world burns to ashes. It will have you glued to your seat and the plot will leave your throat dry. Enjoy!


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